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Winter Food Drive for Affected Families in Jalalabad

Winter Food Drive for Affected Families in Jalalabad

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The humanitarian crisis that is unfolded in Afghanistan has affected the lives of millions of people. Bin Dawod Foundation, in collaboration with Aseel, is working hard to raise donations for needy families in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. During the conflicts, many families have lost their breadwinners and providers, many have lost their only source of income, and they need emergency aid.

Our target for this fundraiser is to help at least 100 families for the coming three months of winter. We will provide food packages that include the following items: 4 KG Rice, 4 KG Dal, 4 KG Chickpea, 4 KG Beans, 1 KG Green Tea, 4 KG Sugar, 800 G Salt, 1.2 KG Macaroni, 1 Carton Biscuits, 1 KG Milk, 5 L Oil, 2 Dishwashing Liquid, and 1.6 KG Tomato Paste for Cooking. Each food package will last for a month and will feed a family of 7 members.

Our team is working hard day and night to help those families, and we are committed to not leaving our people and Afghanistan alone in this difficult time. This is the step we took to help those people, and we need your help to keep moving, and we need your help. Your donation and support will make a huge difference. Therefore, we call upon all of you to join us in our winter food drive and help us save lives. We are accountable for every penny you donate.

Thank you.”

Sabur Shah Dawod Zai, Founder of Bin Dawod Foundation