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Fundraiser to Feed Ultra-Poor Families in Kabul

Fundraiser to Feed Ultra-Poor Families in Kabul

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Target: 20,000 USD

Fundraiser to feed ultra-poor families in Kabul:

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. The country is on the verge of universal poverty. The UNDP estimates 97 percent of the population is at risk of sinking below poverty line. A recent WFP survey found that 9 in 10 families are experiencing insufficient food consumption, 7 in 10 have been forced to limit portions, resort to cheaper food, and borrow food, and 5 in 10 have run out of food at least once in the prior 2 weeks. We are raising money to help poor families in Kabul, Afghanistan by buying them basic food items like rice, flour, oil, pulses, and sugar. This work is volunteer-based and 100% of your contribution will be distributed to the poor.

How the needy families are identified and selected? The volunteers have surveyed over 3000 families over the years and have identified the neediest of these families (mostly widows). The team is experienced in identifying and helping those in need. To the best of the team’s knowledge, all these families are Zakat eligible. The team’s search for identifying ultra-poor families in Kabul continues.

We report on every penny we receive and spend. To learn more about our work, please visit our Facebook Group