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Fundraiser for Displaced Afghans in Azadi Park, Kabul

Fundraiser for Displaced Afghans in Azadi Park, Kabul

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One-third of Afghanistan’s population of 38 million is facing food insecurity, including two million children who are already malnourished, according to the World Food Programme (WFP). Almost half of Afghanistan's population is reliant on emergency relief assistance, with needs continuing to rise.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced Afghans are living in makeshift camps in parks across Kabul. Many were made homeless during the takeover of the Taliban from Afghanistan. In the nearly 90-degree heat, some hung up cloth to block the sun and mark out distinct areas. Others found trees for shade. Most have fled with almost nothing — some left behind or lost family, too. With winter approaching many displaced Afghans are at risk of famine and their basic human necessities going unmet.

Even before the Taliban launched its final push to seize control, three million Afghans were already displaced in a country struggling with drought and the COVID-19 pandemic, and where nearly half the population received some form of aid. Afghanistan's economy is close to collapsing as fuel, food and medicines run out. The collapse of the currency had already affected many by causing a significant surge in inflation, with prices of essential goods rising by more than a third last month. As of September 21, 2021, the prices of the food items were significantly higher than pre–Covid time according to the WFP.

Since August 2021 ASEEL – has assisted four IDP camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, including Saray Shamali, Kart-e-Se, Shahr-e-Naw, and Dasht-e-Barchi. This includes providing supporting 1512 displaced afghans with the distribution of 100 emergency food packages.

I will be raising funds to support ASEELS’s mission in continuing to provide emergency relief to displaced Afghans. Each donation will contribute towards the distribution of emergency food packages for displaced Afghans in Kabul Azadi Park, where there are currently many vulnerable women and children living in dire conditions.

Even a small contribution can make a big difference. You can also support this cause by sharing the campaign too!