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ASEEL Emergency Response

to Afghanistan’s current crisis

ASEEL Emergency Packages

It is expected that over 97% of Afghanistan is going to face poverty resulting in a humanitarian crisis by 2022 (UNDP). That means, lack of food, first aid packages and malnutrition in children.

You can prevent that by donating any of the below packages, from anywhere. Our local team will distribute them all over Afghanistan on your behalf and report back to you.

Emergency First Aid Package

USD 40

  • 2 First Aid Kits
  • 5 Feminine Hygiene Packages for g...

Emergency Life Package

USD 195

  • 3 Medium Clothes
  • 3 Shoes for children/men/women

Emergency Baby Care Package

USD 55

  • 2 Milk Formulas
  • 5 Nappies package
  • 5 Baby...

Emergency Food Package

USD 15

  • 5 Large Drinkable Water Packages
  • 5 Storable Biscui...

Emergency Food Package

USD 50

  • Rice 2KG
  • Beans 2 KG
  • Dal 2 KG
  • S...

Emergency Winter Large Package

USD 80

The large winter package includes the following items:


Emergency Winter Small Package

USD 55

The small winter package includes the following items:


Emergency Food Package 3

USD 50

The third Emergency food package includes:

  • 4 KG Rice...

Current People-Led Campaigns

Fundraiser for Displaced Afghans in Azadi Park, Kabul

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$3973 raised of $3500


Fundraiser to Feed Ultra-Poor Families in Kabul

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate....

$10926 raised of $15000


Kabul's Emergency Winter Appeal

The poverty in Afghanistan grows with every passing day, placing milli...

$3705 raised of $5000


Fundraiser for Effected Afghans in Kunar & Ghazni

Diaspora Passing (Mina Sharif & Shamayel Shalizi) are partnering with ...

$12500 raised of $7000


Fundraiser for Displaced Families in Kandahar

The continued instability and economic crisis in Afghanistan has led t...

$1044 raised of $8000


Fundraiser for Helmand and Zabul

"Considering the urgent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, it is real...

$1050 raised of $7000


Real-time Aseel Emergency Response Update

Help Afghanistan

Families supported


Help Afghanistan

Individuals supported


Help Afghanistan

Food packages donated


Help Afghanistan

First Aid/Medical Packages donated


Help Afghanistan

Life Packages donated


Help Afghanistan

Baby-care Packages donated


Help Afghanistan

Cities covered


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Active volunteers


ASEEL Responds to the Ongoing Crisis in Afghanistan

Aseel was established out of Afghanistan a little over three years ago. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to grow Afghanistan’s artisan sectors and local economies harnessing eCommerce technology and a diverse, young team. Over the last few weeks, we have been monitoring the deteriorating situation on the ground very critically even as we remain fully operational while the Afghan crisis unfolds rapidly. As the situation in Afghanistan worsens due to conflict and the changes that the country is facing, the body count and numbers of internally displaced peoples (IDPs) have increased considerably. The closure of main supply routes means that food and other resources in all areas are becoming scarcer and harder to come by. Our artisans have either closed their businesses or are living in ever-worsening conditions. Our supply chain routes have been majorly affected, which has delayed our current orders. Yet, we persevere past these difficulties because the mission has always been to support Afghanistan.

Aseel wants to assure our Tribe that we are doubling down on our commitment to aid Afghanistan. Despite these challenges, our mission at ASEEL remains the same. We remain committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of all those in artisan communities and beyond throughout the entire country. We remain committed to serving our artisans, vendors, customers, team members, and all impoverished and disenfranchised communities in Afghanistan. To respond directly to this crisis, we have three main missions detailed below.

In addition to our usual support to Afghan artisans, we are launching the Aseel Emergency Response Portal Aseel Emergency Response Portal through which people inside and outside Afghanistan can purchase necessary items in packages for families affected by war. The packages include an Emergency Food Package, Emergency Infants Package, Emergency Life Package, and Emergency Medical and Hygiene Packages. Our team on the ground has identified and started assisting four IDP camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, including Saray Shamali, Kart-e-Se, Shahr-e-Naw and Dasht-e-Barchi. Anyone, anywhere in the world can download the Aseel IOS and Android mobile applications OR go straight to the Aseel Store to start contributing directly to the IDPs, who will continue to be the largest groups of victims from the conflict. Our team on the ground in Kabul will ensure these packages bought by you are delivered directly to IDPs in need, and together we can save lives.