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Feed 100 families in Bamyan

Bamyan in central Afghanistan sits at a high altitude with particul...

$2510 raised of $6000


Winterappell für Frauen und Kinder in Afghanistan

Armut ist in der afghanischen Gesellschaft nach wie vor weit verbreite...

$180 raised of $10000


Help us keep our Institute active to educate Afghan Girls

“ The Book and Pen Charity Institute started its activities in 20...

$125 raised of $10000


Campaign for Winter Food Drive

“Parwana Afghan Kitchen is a family run Afghan restaurant. We would ...

$1316 raised of $15000


Kandahar's Winter Relief Drive

Afghanistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth and 23...

$10229 raised of $10000


Winter Support for Families in need in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, after decades of an imposed war, is confronting the la...

$4140 raised of $4000


Fundraiser for the Children of Orphanage in Kabul

Give Today and Provide Hope for Tomorrow

As we move into Decemb...

$3000 raised of $3000


Winter Food Drive for Affected Families in Jalalabad

The humanitarian crisis that is unfolded in Afghanistan has affecte...

$1545 raised of $6000


Fundraiser for Vulnerable Families in Mazar & Kabul

“I am Khalyla Harito and I am raising funds for 40 war-affected fam...

$2830 raised of $6000


Fundraiser for Schools in Rural Afghanistan

The Helmand Journal has built its first school in a remote village ...

$0 raised of $5000


Fundraiser for Helmand and Zabul

"Considering the urgent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, it is real...

$1640 raised of $7000


Fundraiser for Displaced Families in Kandahar

The continued instability and economic crisis in Afghanistan has led t...

$4212 raised of $4000


Fundraiser for Effected Afghans in Kunar & Ghazni

Diaspora Passing (Mina Sharif & Shamayel Shalizi) are partnering with ...

$12500 raised of $7000


Kabul's Emergency Winter Appeal

The poverty in Afghanistan grows with every passing day, placing milli...

$5000 raised of $5000


Fundraiser to Feed Ultra-Poor Families in Kabul

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate....

$13800 raised of $15000


Fundraiser for Displaced Afghans in Azadi Park, Kabul

We are so thankful for your donations to the Azadi park fundraiser. Wi...

$3989 raised of $3500