October 3, 2020

Earlier in the fall, the ASEEL team continued their support of the artisans in their network during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Though much of Afghanistan continue to operate as normally as possible, in-person markets and large gatherings of artisans in workshops remained difficult throughout the summer and fall. Now, with the onset of winter, artisans like the women who work for Bamiyan Women Weavers are unable to meet on their mountainside to work together and must work in more isolated, indoor conditions.

The ongoing pandemic has also continued to reduce sales of handmade goods in person in places like Bamiyan, where artisans can’t always travel to other cities to sell their products. ASEEL, though focused on launching their platform last month in November, wants to let the ASEEL community know we are continuing to use your generous donations from our spring Covid relief campaign to support our network of artisans through these tough months!

Our team traveled to Bamyan Province in early October to photograph new products by Bamiyan Weavers, which are now available for purchase on our app or website. Over four days, our team met with the business’s owner, Zahra Kazemi, and discussed the importance of continuing to make products that are original and unique to this vendor. Our team also provided $600USD worth of Covid relief to 12 female artisans. While this is not nearly the scale at which we at ASEEL would like to impact women or rural artisans in Afghanistan, we also understand that some relief is better than no relief at all. We are proud to support our artisans in little ways like Covid relief and in larger ways like providing them a platform to sell their beautiful products both within Afghanistan and more globally to customers in the US, UK, and Australia!