July 12, 2020

As Covid-19 has swept the globe, there has been a lot of uncertainty and bad new stories. ASEEL wanted to share its good news stories with you. Around the globe, economies are partially closed, and social systems have been drastically impacted. Health workers around the world are fighting to keep health infrastructures afloat to take care of mass amounts of sick patients. There are so many stories about how this pandemic is impacting every country in the world right now. Countries like Afghanistan often feel the strongest effects of pandemics because they already have weak social and health infrastructures, and as such, are less equipped to deal with an outbreak of this scale. Our artisans are especially affected because with social distancing policies in place, they cannot convene in shops to make products or sell their products in markets. As a community-focused enterprise, we at ASEEL wanted to do something to directly support our artisans in this time of crisis. We have been holding a fundraiser to help our artisans during these uncertain times.

We have now completed ourfirst  fundraiser, because we didn’t want to wait too long to start impacting artisans on the ground. We are happy to report that we have given our first round of Covid-19 relief funding to the artisans at Golden Wood Productions. Earlier this week, our team in Kabul visited with Golden Wood Productions to deliver the money that you, our ASEEL community, provided to them. That’s impact. That’s making a difference. And we at ASEEL strive to facilitate that impact. Stay tuned as we continue to deliver Covid-19 relief to our artisans while Afghanistan starts the slow process of opening their country back up.