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Golden Wood Production

Founded in 2013, a startup by four fresh graduates and young professionals with limited amount of investment who entered the market without having any prior experience, lack of marketing skills and the “know-how” of market competition. Going through really hard times, fortunately getting their first project of $10000 of making furniture for Ferozkoh office provided them the opportunity to prove themselves as unique producers.

Golden Wood Production Company offers different varieties of home and office furniture and decoration stuff made from woods of walnut and Cedar tree with application of classical and Noorestanii designs. More specifically, Golden Wood produces different types of chairs, office desks, doors, dining tables, Jewelry Boxes and accepts any sort of Woodwork Orders. Fortunately, in the year 2017, the company registered with the official license of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and opened the way to participate in United Nations’ private market exhibitions along with exhibitions of foreign embassies and foreign camps. Due to facing increased demand, Golden Wood increased the number of workers to 15 and we believe with help of ASEEL, Golden Wood will be able to expand their business more and position themselves in global markets.

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29 Items

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  1. Dessert Plate
  2. Jewelry Jali Box-M
  3. Ring Box - Plus
  4. Jewelry Jali Box-L
  5. Jali Tray
  6. Dry Fruit Box
  7. Dry Fruit Box
  8. Jali Panel-Light
  9. Jewelry Jali Box
  10. Jali Tray-L
  11. Jewelry Tri-Box
  12. Jali Panel
  13. Jali Panel - Plus
  14. Ring Box - Plus
  15. Jewelry Jali Box-L
  16. Ring Box
  17. Jewelry Jali Box-S
  18. Jali Tray
  19. Jewelry Jali Box-Carving-L
  20. Jewelry Box
  21. Jali Panel
  22. Jali Panel - L
  23. Jali Panel-Dark
  24. Ring Box
  25. Dessert Plate
  26. Dessert Plate
  27. Jali Panel
  28. Wall Panel
  29. Jewelry Tri-Box - Plus
Grid List

29 Items

Set Descending Direction