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ASEEL is Global

ASEEL piloted in Afghanistan, but our model can succeed in any country with an artisan sector. The handmade goods sector is economically resilient and sustainable. ASEEL is working towards a future where multiple countries’ handmade sectors are included in our platform to compete with global markets.

ASEEL is Sustainable

ASEEL plans to work with local businesses to boost their products, brand, and revenue. We will not displace existing artisan businesses and institute factory-based systems or promote businesses that mass produce items. All our items are handmade by individual artisans, using sustainable materials.

ASEEL is Impact-Driven

Our business believes that development happens most sustainably at local levels. We work with artisans to improve their global customer engagement, build their brand, and help them increase their production and hiring capacities. Doing so allows them to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and their communities.

ASEEL is Ethical

We support all international standards that protect against child labor and support fair wages. Our platform is built with full transparency for both customers and producers. So customers know where their money is going and that the funds make it back directly to our artisans.


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Our Products

Khamakdozi Scarf
Khamakdozi Scarf
Light Blue Cotton Scarf
Pink Cotton Scarf
Liver Cotton Scarf
Green Silk Scarf
Green Silk Scarf
Artwork Shamsa
Handmade Calligraphy
Artwork Shamsa
Miniature Disclosure
Handmade Shamsa
Turkmen Pendant
Sterling Silver Pendant
Hazara Silver Necklace
Istalifi bowl
Medium Istalifi Plates
Brown Wallet
Simple Satchel Handbag
Satchel Bag
Handmade Duffle Bag
Dark Brown Laptop Bag
Brown Leather Briefcase
Mamluk Afghani
Reddish Chobi
Reddish Chobi
Traditional Chobi
Handmade Merino Rug
Jali Panel - L
Jewelry Jali Box
Ring Box
Ring Box
Dessert Plate
Dessert Plate
Jali Tray-L


The freshest and most exciting news
  • ASEEL Provides First Round of Covid Relief to Artisans
    ASEEL Provides First Round of Covid Relief to Artisans

    In these unprecedented times, a little kindness goes a long way. And our ASEEL community showed kind support in our first fundraiser to help artisans through the Covid-19 crisis. ASEEL provided a first round of Covid r...

  • ASEEL Finalist in Deliveroo Pitch Competition
    ASEEL Finalist in Deliveroo Pitch Competition

    ASEEL has made it to the final round of two different pitch competitions. Since launching in May 2019 of last year, the team has been looking for funding opportunities to further their goals. We are happy to announce t...

  • ASEEL Launches Afghan Embassy in Washington, D.C.
    ASEEL Launches Afghan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

    Eight months of continuous work, a soft-launch in April, and three showcases in the US set the stage for Aseel’s official launch in May 2019 at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC that included opening stateme...

  • ASEEL Travels to the Big Apple
    ASEEL Travels to the Big Apple

    ASEEL was invited to participate at the Rug Pop Up, and our US-based team was more than excited to attend and participate in this event. KCEC’s mission to develop the Afghanistan carpet sector aligns with our goals to ...